Curious what shows your friends are watching?Tired of having no one to unpack that season finale with?Got an ugly list of shows in your notes app?Want a better way to keep track of what shows you're binging?

We were too, that’s why we built Bingebound! Scroll through your feed and read reviews from your friends to determine if their latest binge will be your next favorite show. Let’s make asking “What show should I watch?” a thing of the past.


Bingebound is a mobile application that allows you to discover what shows your friends are watching and keep track of your own activity!

  • Build a profile with your show lists: Binging, Want to Binge, and Binged
  • View show updates and reviews from your friends
  • Give and get show recommendations
  • See which of your friends are binging or have binged a show
  • Rate and review shows you’ve binged
  • Mark shows as Rebinging or Dropped
  • Ability to search data on 100K+ shows
  • Explore trending, popular, and new shows
  • Find similar shows to any show you like
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Get to Know Bingebound

See what your friends are watching

Keep track of what you’re binging

See which friends have binged a show

Connect with fellow binge watchers

Explore shows across streaming services

Recommend shows to friends

What Our Users Say

Some kind words from our Bingebound users

“Amazing platform”

I did not realize how useful a social media platform focused on TV shows could be until I started using Bingebound. I can now easily scroll through and discover what all my friends are watching, see useful reviews from people I actually know, and push my own recommendations out to my entire network. No more futile google searches to find my next show. Total game changer, 10/10 would recommend.

“Great idea!”

I downloaded Bingebound a month ago and love it so much! It’s a great way to keep track of the shows I’m watching. No more writing things down in my notes app. Bingebound makes watching TV social and organized 😍

“Didn’t know I needed this till I did”

I’m one episode away from finishing the good place on Netflix and this app actually is a life saver. Having binged a lot of shows since covid started (literally absurd) this app has made it super convenient to find my next one. Its nice cause I can see literally everything my friend has binged, rather than just asking him what may be good — only for him to suggest stuff I’ve already binged.